Discover the art of you

with the WOW factor,

and be treasured for a lifetime!



Design a unique photoshoot that unleashes

and captures the real you!




Recreate all the iconic characters

you have grown to

love, fantasize, and aspire to become!

Design a unique photoshoot with Collin Kerr and capture the real you!

Fashion isn’t about selling clothes, it is a creating a promise of a fantasy!


Working with a close knit team of Fashion stylists, Hair & Makeup Artists, and combined with our unique process, we are dedicated to deliver high quality results.

We’ll showcase your creative vision in the best way possible!

Fashion Photography

Capture your personality with Portrait Photography!

Each shoot is a unique experience designed to bring out the best in you and capture it. Whatever tale you want to portray, we will make it happen through creativity and artistically!

Treat yourself to a photography session, and capture special moments that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Portrait Photography

Cosplay is the practice of portraying characters of pop culture – from Comic books, Anime, and Movies.

Cosplay photography combines my Collin’s biggest passions in life: pop-culture and photography.

Collin will make you feel welcome and at ease, and together you will go on a creative adventure to capture those unique stories that make you SHINE!

Cosplay Photography

Use your body as a canvas and transform into a work of art!

Embrace the need to maintain the unique integrity of the human form through Sculptured Artistic Nude or Body painting.

Combining the natural grace and warmth of the human form, the body lends itself to transform into a beautiful, timeless artwork to behold.

Creative Bodies Photography

Quality and reputation matters in a crowded marketplace!


Whether it be five photos or five hundred, Collin will work with the client to take their captured images to a beautiful finished product. With an expert eye, careful consideration is given with a lot of patience to detail.

Images will be processed according to the clients needs to achieve optimal reproduction on press, web or tablet.

Product Photography

We create images that will last you for a lifetime!

Let’s discover how we can help today!


Whether it be an exciting gift for your partner, a way to celebrate yourself, or something a little bit different, we will have you looking your best!

“You may delay, but time will not.” ― Benjamin Franklin

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